Stephanie Creasy

Stephanie Creasy
Acting Assistant Director
U.S. Marshals Service

Stephanie Creasy is the Acting Assistant Director of the United States Marshals Service (USMS) Training Division.

Acting Assistant Director Creasy’s career as a Deputy United States Marshal Criminal Investigator with the USMS began in 1998.  She was first stationed in Salt Lake City, Utah where she gained experience with high threat protection details through a series of special assignments.   In 2001, she transferred to the Western District of Tennessee, (W/TN) Memphis, where she broadened and honed her investigative skills and served as a Recruiting Officer.  During her first year in W/TN, she was selected for a Special Operations Response Team (SORT) working on cases involving Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) fugitives in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. She returned to W/TN where she was the Deputy In Charge of the first federal death penalty trial and first federal sequestered jury trial in W/TN.  Acting Assistant Director Creasy was also the Warrants Coordinator, Public Affairs Officer, OCEDTF Coordinator, and Sexual Offender Investigative Coordinator.  She was assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) OCDETF for two years where she and her DEA partner successfully worked to dismantle Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) and arrest OCDETF fugitives, including the DTO and arrest of former USMS 15 Most Wanted Craig Petties who was ultimately sentenced to nine life sentences.  She received several awards for her OCDETF work including two OCDETF “Case Of The Year” awards.   

In 2008, Acting Assistant Director Creasy was promoted to Senior Inspector in the USMS Technical Operation Group (TOG) of the Investigative Operations Division (IOD) where she was assigned to the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force (GCRFTF) in Birmingham, Alabama (AL).  She traveled extensively, successfully working hundreds of fugitive cases originating or ending in the states of AL, TN and Mississippi.  This included her second USMS 15 Most Wanted fugitive arrest of Janet Barreto who ultimately pled guilty to manslaughter in the death of her two-year-old adopted daughter, and multiple counts of child abuse and child endangerment.  Her most rewarding accomplishments include the recovery of missing children. For example, the kidnapping by a non-custodial father who was a Petties’ DTO member. He took the child to Mexico before robbing the cartel and fleeing back to the USA.  Another example involved a preteen who ran away with an adult male who then held her against her will.

In 2014, Acting Assistant Director Creasy was promoted to serve as Chief Inspector of the Distance Learning Branch of the Training Division and later held additional acting positions including Chief of Training and Chief of Professional Development before being promoted to the Deputy Assistant Director for Training in 2017.  As the Branch Chief of Distance Learning, Acting Assistant Director Creasy led the first transition of a course from instructor-led to distance-learning. This transition not only resulted in cost savings to the agency, but also reduced risk by increasing the availability of training to all operational personnel at any time during the year — no longer limited to 48 students per course.  In her various roles and through sustained superior performance and creative problem solving, the USMS has been able to reduce the cost of instructor led training and ensure the agency has a mechanism to provide developmental opportunities that address risks, new programs, and employee requirements. She has developed a knowledge and appreciation of instructional system design and the importance of accreditation, but it is her stellar leadership abilities which became crucial when tasked recently to lead the USMS Training Division in the acting position of Assistant Director.

Stephanie Creasy holds both a bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in technical and professional writing and editing from the University of Memphis and a master’s degree in Public Administration from Troy University in AL.  She enjoys spending time at the beach with her three adopted dogs.