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What is the process if an agency reports no issues during their annual report, but during the FLETA assessment they are found not to meet the standard(s)?

The FLETA Procedures and Standards Manual 2020 Edition states:

Reaccreditation is a fresh look at a program or academy to ensure continued compliance with the current version of the FLETA Standards. (pg. 27)  

The purpose of the Annual Report is for the TO to assure the Board that the accredited academy/program continues to meet the FLETA standards and ensure that consistent and high-quality training continues to be provided. To accomplish this objective, the TO must complete a thorough review and analysis of the directives/policies and supporting evidence relative to each FLETA standard. The Annual Report is an opportunity for the TO to show they are meeting all applicable FLETA standards and providing the TO an opportunity to highlight improvements and/or activities the TO has implemented. (pg. 26) 

The checklist included as part of the annual report form provides an outline for training organization’s to conduct the “thorough review and analysis” of their accreditation materials during each year of the accreditation cycle.

If an organization documents during their annual reports and their self-assessment certification memo that the academy/program still meets all applicable standards, and the FLETA Assessment team identifies deficiencies, then the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) process would be followed as it would for initial accreditation. The CAP process is there to support a training organization’s development throughout the process and will be followed systematically for initial and any subsequent accreditation. The FLETA Board will make the determination of compliance based on the outcome of the CAP. See the Corrective Action Plan section of the Manual for additional guidance.