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FLETA Recognition Awards

Team Leader Recognition Award


The FLETA Team Leader Recognition Award (TLRA) recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly or demonstrated exceptional commitment while serving in a team leader capacity during the FLETA accreditation process.

The team leader has successfully demonstrated an effective and innovative approach associated with obtaining the highest quality of federal law enforcement training.

The FLETA TLRA is intended as an individual annual award; however, multiple candidates may be considered if deemed appropriate by the Board.


Nominations can be made by an agency, assessors, board members, or the Office of Accreditation (OA).

An annual nomination announcement and form will be posted on the FLETA website.  Nominations should be postmarked to the selection committee by the announced deadline for the prior year’s overall performance.   Award presentations are scheduled for the fall FLETA Board Meeting.  Nominee(s) will be selected for exceptional contribution to the FLETA accreditation process. 

The exceptional nature of the nominee’s contribution may be leading a large total number of assessments, length of quality service, leading particularly difficult assessments, or other criteria. Being varied and subjective criteria, the Board will vote from among the top nominees presented by a selection committee.

Recommendations should cite specific examples of how the individual has assisted the FLETA accreditation process as a team leader and provide adequate justification.


Agency Leadership Recognition Award


The Agency Leadership Recognition Award (ALRA) is the highest award given by the FLETA Board to leaders that have a long-standing history of outstanding contributions to and in superior support of the FLETA mission and process. 

The evaluation criteria and selection process for the ALRA is specifically intended to identify agency leaders worthy of distinguished recognition. Contributions must directly support and contribute to the overall FLETA mission, while demonstrating the highest standards associated with the advancement of the federal law enforcement training mission.


Nominations can be made by an agency, assessors, board members, or the Office of Accreditation (OA).

Nominations for this award should be forwarded through the Office of Accreditation to the Recognition Committee for review.  The Recognition Committee will present their recommendations to the FLETA Board for consideration who will determine award recipients.


To submit a nomination, please download the form below and email the application and recommendations to the Office of Accreditation.