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FLETA Standards

The FLETA standards are the direct result of a committee process involving representatives from numerous federal law enforcement training organizations. The standards do not supersede training organizations’ responsibilities to comply with all applicable federal laws, regulations, and other governances. The standards describe “what” the applicant must accomplish. The academy or training organization determines “how” to meet the standard. Applicants are expected to work under properly approved administrative controls and guidelines and must follow their own written guidance.

The Standards Steering Committee (SSC) reviews the standards regularly and conducts a comprehensive review of the standards and procedures every five years. The SSC makes recommendations to the Board for revisions, additions, and deletions to the standards. The FLETA Board authorizes the OA to publish revisions to the standards, as appropriate. The OA staff provides consultation and assistance with the interpretation of standards and the determination of applicability.

When the Board develops/revises standard(s), the academy/program has six months to transition to the new standard(s). This may require the applicant to develop and/or revise policy, update Individual Standard Compliance Reports (ISCRs) to reflect the current standard(s) language or numbering, or delete the standard file(s). If the FLETA assessment for reaccreditation is scheduled to occur prior to the six month point following any revisions, the applicant has the choice to remain with the previously published version of the standards or transition early to the revised version. On a case-by-case basis, the OA Executive Director may approve or deny requests from Training Organizations to use the prior version of the standards on FLETA assessments that are scheduled past the six-month implementation requirement. The FLETA OA Executive Director has the authority to cancel any FLETA assessment for academies/programs that are not using the current version of the standards.

Each standard is composed of the standard statement and the advisory. The standard statement identifies single or multiple requirements that the applicant must meet. The advisory provides clarifying information, when deemed necessary, and does not outline additional requirements. An advisory is not included for standard statements that are self-explanatory. The applicant organization is responsible for determining how to meet the standard.

Academy Standards

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Program Standards

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