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FLETA Fundamentals

Federal Reserve Bank firearms training, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center crime scene training, and Drug Enforcement Agency classroom and hazardous materals training.

FLETA Fundamentals provides training organization personnel, at all levels of the training process, foundational knowledge of the FLETA Standards and Procedures. Organization personnel are able to evaluate their work against the FLETA Standards, identify and correct deficiencies, and better support the training organization’s accreditation efforts and the improvement of training. Each FLETA Fundamentals is organization-specific to allow for the open and confidential discussion of policies and procedures amongst participants.


Four to Eight hours (depending on the organization’s needs)


The below curriculum can be modified to meet the needs and various stakeholders within the training organization. The instructional strategy actively engages the participants to identify their current work processes, organize their processes against the standards, and generate possible improvements. The full program is eight hours in length and includes:

  • Orientation to FLETA’s History, Process, and Philosophy
  • Gap Analysis and Policy Alignment
  • Standards Analysis
  • Assessment
  • Maintaining Accreditation

Prerequisites for Attendance

FLETA Fundamentals is delivered at the requesting organization’s location. The training organization determines eligibility for attendance. FLETA Fundamentals is designed for any personnel who directly or indirectly support the training for their respective organization.

Contact Information or (912) 261-3684