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5 Steps to Accreditation

Step One

Submit Your Application

Begin the FLETA accreditation process by preparing and submitting your application to the FLETA Office of Accreditation (OA).

Next, assign an Accreditation Manager (AM) for your training organization and identify personnel to be trained as assessors. Our staff will assign you a Program Manager and provide training to your AM and staff, as requested.



Step Two

Prepare for the Review

Preparation for FLETA accreditation begins with your training organization conducting a gap analysis of your current policies/directives against the FLETA standards. You will then establish and/or develop accreditation files and submit N/A identifications to the OA Executive Director for standards that are not applicable. Your training organization then populates its accreditation files with Individual Standard Compliance Reports (ISCR), directives/policies, and evidence.

Other tasks include: coordinating potential FLETA assessment dates with the OA, convening a self-assessment team to conduct the self-assessment, preparing a self-assessment certification memo and submitting that memo to the OA at least 60 days prior to the FLETA assessment.

The OA will review your academy/program self-assessment certification memo and discuss any corrective action plan(s), if applicable. Your organization will address any deficiencies found during the self-assessment.


Step Three

FLETA Conducts Review

The FLETA staff will schedule your accreditation assessment, select the assessors, and make travel arrangements for the assessment team. Your organization will coordinate the assessors’ access to your facility through security officials, if necessary.

The assessment is scheduled for three days and is led by an assessment Team Leader (TL). The assessment includes a comprehensive review of the agency files, interviews, and observations. The TL and assessors will conduct a closeout briefing with your training organization regarding the results of the assessment.

After receiving the results, you will need to prepare and implement a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for any deficiencies identified during the assessment, if applicable. The assessors will prepare a final report of the FLETA assessment and submit this to the OA. Our staff will review the FLETA Assessment Report with the Assessment Team and your staff. Once the report has been finalized, a final copy is sent to the training organization and FLETA Board Review Committee (BRC).


Step Four

FLETA Board Delivers Decision

The FLETA Board Review Committee (BRC) members will review the final FLETA Assessment Report. Your training organization, the assessment Team Leader, and the OA Program Manager will appear before the BRC for review of the assessment. Once complete, the BRC prepares its recommendation and briefs the FLETA Board.

On the day of decision, your organization will appear before the Board to receive a decision regarding the awarding of accreditation. If you receive accreditation, your organization submits an annual report to the OA regarding the academy/program status to meet the FLETA standards. The report is due within 30 days of the first, second, third, and fourth anniversary of the accreditation award.


Step Five

Repeat the Process, Get Reaccredited

Reaccreditation is a new and independent review of your academy or program. You must reapply for reaccreditation to begin the reaccreditation process.

Reaccreditation applications must be submitted within 30 days following the granting of your most recent accreditation. This allows the training organization to submit N/As that will cover the entire reaccreditation period, and schedule future assessment dates.