Accredited Academies

Academy Agency Type Date
Protective Services Training Academy National Aeronautics and Space Administration Initial Accreditation 04/2018
Air Force Special Investigations Academy U.S. Air Force Reaccreditation 04/2017
U.S. Postal Inspection Service Career Development Unit U.S. Postal Inspection Service Initial Accreditation 04/2017
Army Military Police School U.S. Army Reaccreditation 04/2017
James J. Rowley Training Center U.S. Secret Service Reaccreditation 04/2017
National Criminal Investigation Training Academy Internal Revenue Service Reaccreditation 11/2016
Diplomatic Security Service Academy Office of Training and Performance Standards, Department of State Reaccreditation 04/2016
Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Department of Homeland Security Reaccreditation 11/2015
Law Enforcement Training Center U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Reaccreditation 04/2015
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Training Academy Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Reaccreditation 04/2015
U.S. Marshals Service Training Division U.S. Marshals Service Initial Accreditation 04/2015
Field Operations Academy U.S. Customs and Border Protection Reaccreditation 11/2014
Office of Training Drug Enforcement Administration Reaccreditation 11/2014
DHS Intelligence Training Academy Department of Homeland Security Initial Accreditation 11/2014
Maritime Law Enforcement Academy U.S. Coast Guard Reaccreditation 05/2014
National Background Investigations Bureau (formerly FIS) National Training Center National Background Investigations Bureau Initial Accreditation 05/2014
Transportation Security Administration Training Center (Formerly FAMS) Transportation Security Administration Reaccreditation 10/2013
Naval Criminal Investigative Service Training Academy Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Department of the Navy Reaccreditation 07/2013
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