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Accredited Academies

Academy Agency Type Date Sort ascending
Transportation Security Administration Training Center (Formerly FAMS) Transportation Security Administration Reaccreditation
Maritime Law Enforcement Academy Coast Guard Reaccreditation
Center for Development of Security Excellence, Background Investigations Training Division Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency Reaccreditation
Naval Criminal Investigative Service Training Academy Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Department of the Navy Reaccreditation
Protective Services Training Academy National Aeronautics and Space Administration Reaccreditation
Army Military Police School Army Reaccreditation
Air Force Special Investigations Academy Air Force Reaccreditation
James J. Rowley Training Center Secret Service Reaccreditation
Postal Inspection Service Career Development Unit Postal Inspection Service Reaccreditation
National Criminal Investigation Training Academy Internal Revenue Service Reaccreditation
U.S. Marshals Service Training Division Marshals Service Reaccreditation
Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Department of Homeland Security Reaccreditation
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Training Academy Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Reaccreditation
VA Law Enforcement Training Center Department of Veterans Affairs Reaccreditation
DHS Intelligence Training Academy Department of Homeland Security Reaccreditation
Office of Training Drug Enforcement Administration Reaccreditation