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This page belongs to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA), Office of Accreditation. If you have questions or comments regarding the curriculum of a specific training program/academy, qualifications of a position with an organization, or student transcripts, please contact that agency directly. Additionally, FLETA Board Members are not employees of FLETA and do not receive emails sent directly through this page.

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FLETA Office Contact Information

Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation

Office of Accreditation

1131 Chapel Crossing Rd

Glynco, GA 31524

Main Office: (912) 261-3684

Fax Number: (912) 554-4393

Staff Directory

Name Position Phone Email
Joe Collins Executive Director 912-267-3530
Cherri Allen Program Manager 912-267-3230
Stephanie Archbold-Massey Program Analyst 912-267-2961
Lisa Bak Program Manager 912-267-2492
Christiana Halsey Program Manager 912-554-4964
JJ Hensley Program Manager 912-267-2866
Crystal Johnson Staff Assistant 912-261-3684
Jennifer Kasper Program Manager 912-280-5397
James Mays Program Analyst 912-267-3294