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Vision, Mission, and Goals

U.S. Coast Guard ship clearing, Federal Bureau of Investigations entry training, Drug Enforcement Agency tactical training, and Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives crime scene training.


Serve the nation by promoting professionalism, excellence and competence in training throughout the federal law enforcement community.


Enhance the quality of federal law enforcement by establishing and maintaining a body of standards to promote the effective and efficient use of resources for federal law enforcement training;

Administer an accreditation process based on those standards to foster consistency in federal law enforcement training; and

Ensure compliance and provide assistance with the accreditation process in order to instill public confidence in federal law enforcement.


Long Term Performance Goal

Support accreditation and reaccreditation of federal law enforcement and related training.

Strategic Goal #1:

FLETA Quality - Maintain a quality and efficient accreditation process.

How to Attain:

Clearly define and maintain accreditation standards and consistently apply the assessment and review process.

Continually revise standards for clarity and relevance to desired accreditation objectives.

Continue feedback and evaluation of the assessment process and assessors.

Continue to provide training to accreditation managers, program managers, assessors, Board members, and others in the FLETA community.

Establish oversight committees for pertinent processes and deliveries.

How to Measure:

Effectiveness determined by continued participation with the number of accredited and reaccredited academies and programs in the FLETA process.

Feedback obtained from participating agencies regarding the FLETA accreditation process; and feedback regarding the quality and consistency of assessments through the evaluation of team leaders and assessors.

Conduct a peer-based evaluation/review of FLETA accreditation processes and the Office of Accreditation.

Conduct an evaluation of FLETA accreditation processes and the Office of Accreditation (staff inspection).

Strategic Goal #2:

Clearinghouse - Maintain a clearinghouse of model practices.

How to Attain:

Communicate a clear definition and criteria for model practices.

Solicit model practices.

Ensure a web-based infrastructure is in place to support publication and availability of model practices.

How to Measure:

Effectiveness determined by reported results of assessment teams and the number of queries of model practice database.

Strategic Goal #3:

FLETA Recognition (Outreach) - Increase awareness of, promote the value and commitment to the FLETA accreditation process.

How to Attain:

Develop an outreach plan that includes educating and informing senior leaders, and training officials within the Federal Law Enforcement Community via electronic and print materials, participation in law enforcement related seminars and conferences, and education and orientation to new Board members.

Increase awareness of the FLETA accreditation process in the international law enforcement community.

Increase awareness of the FLETA accreditation process on the World Wide Web.

Recognize and award agency personnel for significant contributions to accreditation. 

How to Measure:

Effectiveness determined by the number of inquiries and/or applications received for accreditation and reaccreditation of programs and/or academies.

Effectiveness determined by the number of media presentations (journal articles, news stories, and other presentations).

Reference: FLETA Board's Strategic Plan 2022-2026, Approved November 16, 2021