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As an assessor, what should I expect to see in the Academy accreditation files?

The FLETA Procedures and Standards 2020 Edition states:

Academy accreditation is an organizational-level recognition that an academy administers, develops, and delivers all training programs under the academy’s purview according to the FLETA standards. Attainment of academy accreditation does not confer accreditation to all programs under the academy; training organizations must obtain program accreditation for each training program seeking FLETA recognition. To be eligible for academy accreditation, a TO must:

How can we recommend changes, additions, or deletions to the FLETA Standards?

The FLETA community can suggest the creation, deletion, or revision of FLETA Standards through the “Standards Revision Form”.

The “Standards Revision Form” is available on the FLETA HSIN Community website in the Resources section. Download and complete Section 1 of the form. Unless submitted by a current Board member, the form must have the name and title of a supervisor within the agency who concurs with the recommendation. Submit the completed form to the Office of Accreditation. The form can be mailed, faxed, or emailed.

What is the difference between program and academy accreditation? (revised)

Program accreditation is specific to a program. When a training organization applies for program accreditation, all the policies/directives and evidence will demonstrate that a specific program meets the standards. The training organization must submit a separate application for each program seeking accreditation.

Program accreditation is not transferable. If a program is deleted, or the whole or parts of a program are transferred into another program, the new program must be reviewed following the FLETA process.

What is the procedure regarding supporting evidence for academy accreditation/reaccreditation with the “50% rule”?

The FLETA Procedures and Standards Manual 2020 Edition states:

Provide supporting evidence to indicate the academy meets each applicable academy standard. The goal is to demonstrate that all training programs under the academy meet the FLETA standards. The number of training programs used for supporting evidence will be based upon the number of training programs within the academy.

What is the process for an accredited program or academy unable to conduct training during the entire reaccreditation cycle?

The FLETA Procedures and Standards Manual 2020 Edition states:

As with initial accreditation, if the TO had no opportunity to employ a particular directive/policy as it relates to the standard for a specific year(s), a Memo to File signed by the AO, or designee, attesting to that fact is sufficient evidence. (pg. 28)

What is the process for not applicable requests for reaccreditation?

FLETA reaccreditation occurs every five years and is an independent review of an academy or program. For each reaccreditation cycle, the training organization will identify standards having potential for not applicable (N/A) status and follow the process outlined in the FLETA Procedures and Standards Manual. If acknowledged by the OA Executive Director, the N/A  covers the entire reaccreditation cycle, unless changes to the program and/or academy occur that negate the request.