How long should we maintain our FLETA accreditation materials?

Each FLETA accreditation cycle is an independent review of an academy and/or program. Once accredited, the original proofs of compliance are not applicable for reaccreditation. Therefore, the FLETA Board does not require that agencies maintain accreditation files past the cycle in which the academy and/or program were accredited. Each agency is responsible for maintaining and disposing of accreditation documentation in accordance with the agency’s records disposition schedule. 

The FLETA Board does not direct an agency’s records disposition or set policy for applicant agencies. Agencies may find it beneficial to retain accreditation records until the academy or program has been reaccredited. The retention of accreditation files for a minimum of one cycle provides a reference if an agency reports non-compliance during the yearly report cycle. The decision to retain accreditation records is the discretion of the agency generating and collecting the records. 

Please go to the approved minutes of the March 22, 2012 Board Meeting for the complete approved minutes and other additional guidance and decisions.