Lapse in Federal Funding: Impact on DHS Web and Social Media Operations

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Online Assessor Refresher

The Online Assessor Refresher (OAR) develops current and active FLETA assessors. Assessors must successfully complete all elements of the Online Assessor Refresher once every three years. The three-year requalification requirement provides a formal process for developing assessors, evaluating assessor knowledge and abilities, and managing the list of current and active assessors.


  • Total Time - Approximately 8 hours
  • Module 1 - Approximately 40 minutes to complete
  • Module 2 - Approximately 2.5 hours to complete
  • Module 3 - Approximately 3 hours to complete


  • Module 1 - Completion of a Web-Based Training Module - Recognizing the requirements for obtaining and maintaining assessor qualification
  • Module 2 - Reading assignment and completion of two quizzes with all answers correct - Analyzing the FLETA Standards
  • Module 3 - Reading assignments and writing assessment comments with a passing score of 80% - Writing a FLETA assessment report

Prerequisites for Attendance

Active and current FLETA Assessors who have completed, at a minimum, an On-the-Job assignement with a FLETA assessment team, or served as a FLETA assessor and/or team leader within the previous three years.

Program Benefits

Serving as a FLETA Assessor provides personnel with the opportunity to work and share best practices with their counterparts throughout federal law enforcement training.

Contact Information: or (912) 261-3684