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Update for the July 18-19, 2007 Meeting

Publish Date

This document has been updated. The changes are highlighted.

FLETA Accreditation Awards

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Training Academy

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) programs:

  1. Criminal Investigator Training Program
  2. Law Enforcement Instructor In-Service
    Training Program (LEIITP)
  3. Physical Fitness Coordinator Training
    Program (PFCTP)
  4. Inland Boat Operators Training Program

Standing Committees

Bylaws Committee – Met on July 19, 2007 and developed a plan to review
the Bylaws before the next FLETA Board meeting.

Standards Steering
Committee (SSC) - The committee met by
telecon on June 27, 2007, and developed language to clarify the Board’s current
position concerning file duplication (see the next page). The clarifying
language was approved by the entire FLETA Board.

Membership Sub-Committee – no activity this cycle.

Other Information/Announcements

The FLETA Board approved a
motion to extend the terms of the members whose term expired at this meeting by
three years.

A motion was approved to have
the FLETA Office of Accreditation begin using the 300K for accreditation travel
and materials to enhance the accreditation process. Approval for expenditures
must be made through the Executive Director and the FLETA Board chairperson.

Members of the FLETA Board were provided an update on the status of Congressional action regarding FLETA administrative oversight issues. The House FY08 Appropriations Bill for Homeland Security placed the FLETA under the auspices of DHS's Human Resource Office; the Senate acted to leave FLETA's policy responsibilities with the FLETA Board and support for its administrative/budgetary functions under FLETC. The Senate report was very specific about the importance of support of the FLETA's activities and the separation of policy responsibilities for the FLETA Board from the administrative/budgetary responsibilities of FLETC. The Bill now goes to Conference for final disposition.

Members of the FLETA Board
were provided an update of Congressional appropriation language which states
the FLETA Board is responsible for the accreditation process. The placement of the FLETA Office of
Accreditation is still undecided and will have to be finalized in a
House-Senate Conference committee.

The FLETA Board approved the FLETA
Strategic Plan and noting it is a living document which will need
updates/changes in the future.

The FLETA Office of
Accreditation was asked to work with the FLETA Board and AM Coalition to
develop a robust assessor training and selection process since assessors are
the key to the credibility and quality of accreditation. The Office of
Accreditation is surveying current assessors and is preparing for a Curriculum
Review Conference which will include members of the AM Coalition. The Office of
Accreditation will update its FLETA Assessor Selection policy (DAC 3-3), to notify
and have Board member approval for assessors from the member’s agency, to be used
in the FLETA Assessment process.

Next scheduled FLETA Board
meeting – November 14-15, 2007, in Houston, Texas

Language approved by the
FLETA Board to clarify the Board’s position concerning the duplication of
academy information in program file.

Duplication of Academy DACs in Program

If a program is presented for
a FLETA Assessment by an agency which has already received FLETA Academy
Accreditation, then it will not be necessary to review the Documented
Administrative Controls (DACs) which have already been presented for academy
accreditation. However, any DAC’s specific to the program and program
proofs of compliance will be reviewed by the FLETA Assessment team to determine
program compliance. The agency seeking program accreditation shall note on the
Individual Standard Compliance Report (ISCR) the DAC (number/name) and the date
academy accreditation was awarded, for any DAC not included in the program

  • The
    agency will prepare files for all program standards.
  • Assessors may, as they determine necessary, review any DAC available to put the
    current program assessment into context and make a determination about the
    sufficiency of the program proofs.
  • No
    reassessment of the academy will occur based on the DACs used during the
    program assessment.
  • However, if this method is used, the
    accredited academy files or some other means to allow assessors access to the
    agency DACs must be available.
  • Agencies may still prepare program files which contain approved academy DACs so
    that the program files may stand on their own.