Assessor Refresher Online Training Program (AROTP) Pilot August 1-29, 2016

Aug 01, 2016 to Aug 29, 2016

The OA is seeking up to 25 volunteers to take the second pilot of the Assessor Refresher Online Training Program (AROTP). The course will begin August 1 and conclude on August 29, 2016.

Participants will have four weeks to complete all aspects of the program, including:

*       Online Web-based Training Modules and Knowledge Checks

*       Reading Assignments

*       Discussion Board Posts and Replies

*       Capstone Writing Assignment (Reviewing assessment files and writing comments like a FLETA assessment)

This program simulates an online college-style program, so before volunteering, please consider the workload requirements so that you plan for and allow time to complete the coursework.

In addition to the course workload, participants will be required to provide feedback after each module that encompasses both the program and technology.

We are seeking individuals from different departments and agencies to fully test the program and the technology used to deliver the program.

Consideration will be given to graduates of the ATP, who have been active in the FLETA process through self-assessments or FLETA assessments within the last three years.

Contact Christiana Halsey to volunteer for this training opportunity.

Christiana Halsey, Program Manager
(912) 554-4964