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How can contract personnel support the FLETA process?

The FLETA Board has determined that contract personnel are not authorized to conduct FLETA assessments of an academy/program for consideration by the FLETA Board for a determination of accreditation. The FLETA Board based their decision on federal regulations and legal opinion. Therefore, contract personnel are prohibited from performing FLETA assessments.

As outlined in the FLETA Procedures and Standards Manual, the self-assessment of an academy/program prior to the FLETA assessment is the property and responsibility of the training organization. Therefore, an organization may allow contract personnel to perform self-assessments. The FLETA Board is not responsible for the use of contractors during the self-assessment process.

Contract personnel may attend the FLETA Assessor Training Program (ATP), space available, with written endorsement from the respective training organization. Contract personnel may also attend the FLETA Fundamentals, Accreditation Manager Workshop, and training provided at FLETA Board meetings.  The training organization and/or contracting company is responsible for funding all travel and per diem.

Government employees have first priority for all FLETA training. Contract personnel may be removed from the roster to accommodate a government employee. Finally, contractors are not authorized to participate in the Team Leader Training Program.

Additional questions regarding the use of contractors in the FLETA process may be sent to