How can we recommend changes, additions, or deletions to the FLETA Standards?

The FLETA community can suggest the creation, deletion, or revision of FLETA Standards through the “Standards Revision Form”.

The “Standards Revision Form” is available on the FLETA HSIN Community website in the Resources section. Download and complete Section 1 of the form. Unless submitted by a current Board member, the form must have the name and title of a supervisor within the agency who concurs with the recommendation. Submit the completed form to the Office of Accreditation. The form can be mailed, faxed, or emailed.

Upon receipt, the OA will complete Section 2 of the form and forward it to the FLETA Standards Steering Committee (SSC) Chairperson for review and consideration.

Section 3 will be completed when the Standards Steering Committee meets and reviews the recommendation. If the SSC approves the recommendation, notation will be made on the form and the SSC will make the recommendation to the Board. If the SSC approves the recommendation with changes, notation will be made on the form and the recommendation with the necessary changes will be made to the Board. If the SSC disapproves the recommendation, notation will be made on the form. All “Standards Revision Forms” regardless of decision will be archived by the OA.

The Standards Steering Committee formally reviews the standards annually. The OA will maintain all received “Standards Revision Forms” until the Standards Steering Committee meets.

Authority: FLETA Bylaws, approved July 14, 2010; FLETA Procedures and Standards Manual 2015 Edition