What is the difference between program and academy accreditation? (revised)

Program accreditation is specific to a program. When an agency applies for program accreditation, all the policies/directives and evidence will demonstrate that a specific program is compliant with the standards. The agency must submit a separate application for each program seeking accreditation.

Program accreditation is not transferable. If a program is dissolved, or the whole or parts of a program are transferred into another program, the new program must be reviewed following the FLETA process and be found compliant for all applicable standards before accreditation is granted.

Academy accreditation is the recognition that all programs that an academy manages are administered, developed, and delivered in the full spirit of the FLETA standards. To be eligible to apply for academy accreditation, a training organization must achieve accreditation for all entry-level/basic programs and either use a FLETA-accredited instructor development program or achieve accreditation for its initial/introductory instructor development program.

Authority: FLETA Procedures and Standards Manual 2015 Edition