FLETA Briefs Colombian Officials

Colombian Officials visited the FLETC and received briefings from FLETA

The FLETA Office of Accreditation briefed officials from the Colombian Attorney General’s Office and the National Police of Colombia at FLETC’s headquarters in Glynco, Georgia, December 4, 2014. FLETA OA Executive Director Dr. Gary Mitchell and Program Manager Bob Bruton explained the process of developing and sustaining a law enforcement accreditation process. Dr. Mitchell and Mr. Bruton also provided the delegation an overview of the FLETA process, the Standards, and the process by which the Board established and maintains the Standards. The group requested the briefing in an effort to establish an accreditation process for Colombian law enforcement and had many questions regarding the management of the process, coordination with agencies, obtaining and training assessors, and the management of the accreditation structure from the Board’s perspective.

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