FLETA Staff Volunteer at Fishing Rodeo

Stephanie Archbold-Massey (left) and Jennifer Kasper (right)

FLETA staff members Stepanie Archbold-Massey (pictured left) and Jennifer Kasper (pictured right) volunteered at the FLETC Fishing Rodeo, in Glynco, GA on Thursday, May 18, 2017.

Mrs. Kasper and Mrs. Archbold-Massey took time out from their busy schedules to assist with the 14th Annual Two-Way Sport Fishing Club’s Special Olympics Fishing. The event hosted approximately 200 Special Olympian participants; Glynn County Sheriff’s Department; Glynn County Police Department; members of the Two-Way Sport Fishing Club; and volunteers.

The participants were from several of the Glynn County schools and the Morning Star Baptist Treatment Center. Events included the fishing rodeo, volleyball, softball and other outdoor activities. This is the tenth year FLETC has hosted the event on Center.