FLETA Procedures and Standards Comprehensive Review Meeting, September 17-18, 2019

Sep 18, 2019
For Immediate Release
Joe Collins leads a discussion with workgroup volunteers

The FLETA Board and Office of Accreditation conducted a meeting of the 2020 Standards Steering Workgroup in Glynco, GA, September 17-18, 2019. Thirty-one volunteers from eighteen federal law enforcement organizations gathered to review the results of all subcommittees as part of the comprehensive review of the FLETA Procedures and Standards. The recommendations from the full workgroup will be presented to the FLETA Board for consideration at the November 2019 FLETA Board Meeting. The FLETA Procedures and Standards are reviewed on a regular basis. In addition, the Board directs a comprehensive review every five years to ensure the FLETA process is addressing the current training needs and environment for the federal law enforcement community.