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FLETA Board Rules on Duplication of Files

Publish Date

The FLETA Board held a special called meeting on Feb. 6,
2007 to vote on several issues.  The motion below passed and is of
direct interest to the Accreditation Managers Community.  If you have
any questions concerning this issue please contact the Office of

If a program is presented for
a FLETA Assessment by an agency which has already received FLETA
Academy Accreditation, then it will not be necessary to review the
Documented Administrative Controls (DACs) which have already been
presented for academy accreditation.  However, any DAC’s specific to
the program and program proofs of compliance will be reviewed by the
FLETA Assessment team to determine program compliance. The agency
seeking program accreditation shall note on the Individual Standard
Compliance Report (ISCR) the DAC (number/name) and the date academy
accreditation was awarded.