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Update for the March 22, 2007 Meeting -- Annapolis, MD

Publish Date

FLETA Accreditation Awards

John Moran announced that the FLETA Board Review Committee conducted a review
of the IRS-CI Basic Instructor/Facilitator Training Program (BIFT) on Wednesday
March 21, 2007.  Following the review the
FLETA Board approved an accreditation award for the IRS-CI BIFT program.

Lane Timm, Director of IRS National Criminal Investigation Training Academy,
stated that working towards the accreditation was painful and a lot more work
than they had anticipated it to be, but that it was definitely worth it.  Ms. Timm also announced that being accredited
had already proven beneficial when the IRS came before a Senate Committee
hearing and was asked if they were accredited.

FLETA Assessors

Mr. Moran expressed his
thanks and gratitude to the team leader and assessors who completed the IRS-CI
assessment. Present was Mr. Al Wheaton, U.S. Coast Guard, he was given a Certificate
of Appreciation.  The other assessors
were Team Leader Chris Graham, Bureau of Prisons and Tracy Bonner, FLETC, Artesia, NM.

Annual Reports

were received for:

  • U.S. Postal Inspection
    Service Academy
  • USPIS Postal Police Officer Basic Training Program
  • USPIS Basic Inspector Training Program (BIT)
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training
    Center (FLETC).

The FLETA Board approved a motion
requiring the submission of FLETA Annual Reports within 30 days after the
anniversary date of accreditation.

Standing Committees

Bylaws Committee - no activity during this cycle

Standards Steering
Committee (SSC) - The committee met
on December 19, 2006, January 4, 2007 and January 19, 2007.

  1. During a special meeting
    on February 6, 2007, the entire FLETA Board approved the committee’s proposal
    concerning file duplication. (see attached motion)
  2. The entire FLETA Board
    approved the committee’s recommendations for standard changes (see attached
    Revision Notice).

Membership Sub-Committee – no activity this cycle

Other Information/Announcements

The Accreditation Manager’s Coalition elected officers, they are:

  • Ms. Liz Truesdell – Chairperson
  • Ms. Su Daly – Recorder
  • Mr. Steve Swanson – Website POC

The FLETA Board approved the FLETA
Guide for publication.

The FLETA Board Chairperson,
Mrs. Sharon Henegan and the Executive Director had an opportunity to present a
briefing to several Congressional staff members on February 16, 2007.

The FLETA Office of Accreditation
will be providing the FLETA Board with an updated proposal for Accreditation
Incentives ($300,000) before the July FLETA Board meeting.

Next scheduled FLETA Board meeting – July 17-19, 2007, in Clearwater, Florida