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FLETA Board announces more accreditations

For Immediate Release

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) Board awarded accreditation to the Air Force Special Investigations Academy (AF-SIA) and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center’s (FLETC) “Law Enforcement Instructor Training Program” during their July Board of Directors Meeting held in Clearwater, Florida.

The accreditation of the AF-SIA marks the first Defense Department law enforcement
school to receive federal accreditation. The academy began the process in December 2005 and within eight short months was prepared to be reviewed by the FLETA Board.

“Our academy receiving FLETA accreditation puts an official stamp on the effectiveness of our training,” Col. John McElhenny, Office of Special Investigations director of operations, said in a statement. “Just as important, it affirms the interoperability of OSI with our fellow law enforcement agencies in ensuring the safety and security of our nation.”

All potential OSI special agents undergo Air Force-specific training at the Special Investigations Academy after completing the basic criminal investigator training program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, also in Glynco.

This was the second accreditation award for the FLETC, but first for one of their
premiere programs offered. The Law Enforcement Instructor Training Program (LEITP) is designed to prepare and certify fulltime law enforcement instructors for the FLETC, its Partnership Organizations and other law enforcement agencies. During the two-week program, participants are exposed to the concepts of student-centered learning and a variety of methodologies conducive to higher degrees of learning in law enforcement
topics. The FLETC continues to pursue accreditation of their programs, which shows continued excellence of their products and support of the over 80 Federal Law Enforcement agencies which train at any of their four locations.

These agencies are to be commended for their continued efforts to ensure the quality of training received by Federal Law Enforcement is accredited and therefore more successful.

If you would like more information regarding the FLETA process, please visit the
website at or contact the Office of Accreditation at 912-261-3684 or 912-554-4392.