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Secret Service and IRS join the ranks of Accreditation

For Immediate Release

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) Board of
Directors is proud to announce the recent award of Accreditation
presented to several agencies during the November 19, 2006 meeting. 
The following agencies received accreditation for their respective
academies and/or programs:  Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
(FLETC), Law Enforcement Control Tactics Instructor Training Program
(LECTITP), Marine Law Enforcement Training Program (MLETP), Driver
Instructor Training Program (DITP), and the Boat Operators
Anti-Terrorism Training Program(BOAT);  Department of State/Diplomatic
Security Training Center, Train the Trainer Program; Internal Revenue
Service, National Criminal Investigation Training Academy and the
Special Agent Basic Training (SABT) Program; United States Secret
Service James J. Rowley Training Center and Essentials of Instruction

Through much hard work and commitment these agencies
achieved national recognition and were rewarded for all their efforts
by being among the first to become accredited in the United States. 
These agencies show strong leadership and excellence by leading the way
in the accreditation of all Federal Law Enforcement Training.

achieve accreditation, an agency must undergo a voluntary thorough
assessment of their academy and/or program to ensure compliance with
the FLETA Standards.  This independent assessment is performed by
volunteers from varying federal law enforcement agencies and addresses
the following areas: Academy Administration; Qualifications and
Development of Training Staff; Program Administration; and Program and
Curriculum Development.

FLETA Chairperson Sharon Henegan
stated, “Through the Accreditation process, agencies have proven their
commitment to quality, effectiveness and integrity, we congratulate
them on this accomplishment and applaud them for taking the lead to
make accreditation a priority in training. Accreditation shows their
dedication to ensure their agents have the best training available and
that meets prescribed standards.”

Accreditation has long been
recognized as a means of maintaining the highest standards of
professionalism and Federal law enforcement agencies are no exception.
All Federal law enforcement training academies and training programs
are eligible to have the opportunity to attain accredited status
through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Board. To
maintain their accreditation status, agencies are required to submit
annual reports to the FLETA Board, and participate in a
Re-Accreditation process which includes an assessment every three
years. If you would like more information on the accreditation
initiative, please visit our website at WWW.FLETA.GOV or call our
office at 912-554-4392.