FLETA Welcomes Stephanie Alvarez

Sep 17, 2014
For Immediate Release
FLETA Program Analyst Stephanie Alvarez (left) shaking hands with FLETA Executive Director Dr. Gary Mitchell (right)

The FLETA Board welcomed the return of Stephanie Alvarez to the Office of Accreditation as the Program Analyst on September 22, 2014. Ms. Alvarez previously served as the Staff Assistant for the FLETA Office of Accreditation where she worked closely with the Program Analyst in support of the FLETA Board and Office of Accreditation.

In her new role as Program Analyst, Ms. Alvarez will serve under the direction of the Executive Director of the FLETA Office of Accreditation to plan, coordinate, and manage all aspects of the FLETA Board meetings, executive committee meetings, and other external meetings and exhibits where the FLETA Board is represented. Additionally, Ms. Alvarez will directly support FLETA Board outreach activities, develop informational materials, serve as the historian for the FLETA process, and perform an array of project planning, budgetary, and administrative support functions.