FLETA Launches Online Programs

Mar 03, 2016
For Immediate Release
Dr. Gary Mitchell reviews assignments in the Assessor Refresher Online Training Program

The FLETA Office of Accreditation (OA) is currently piloting the first self-paced instructor led training program on behalf of the FLETA Board. The Assessor Refresher Online Training Program (AROTP) pilot began February 22, 2016 and will conclude on March 25, 2016. The pilot includes 22 qualified FLETA assessors and one Board member participating in the program.

The AROTP is being pilot tested on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers’ Online Campus, a Blackboard-based system within the DHS Homeland Security Information Network. The OA designed the program to mimic an online college style program. The AROTP has four modules with discussion boards, reading assignments, knowledge checks, and a final writing assignment that simulates the review of assessment files with the assessors documenting their findings in written comments.

Following the pilot, the OA and FLETC Electronic Learning Branch will review participant feedback and identify areas for improvement in the program, instruction, and technical and support areas.

In addition, the OA designed and launched the first FLETA web-based training (WBT) program. This self-paced informational program focuses on the gap analysis during applicant preparation in the FLETA process. The Gap Analysis WBT is available in the HSIN Learn for all federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement to take and learn about this critical step in the FLETA process.

The FLETA OA is currently working on additional WBT modules and ways to incorporate distance or blended learning into existing training programs.