FLETA Accredits DEA Program

Apr 14, 2016
For Immediate Release
Members from the Drug Enforcement Administration receive their certificate for initial Program Accreditation

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) Board is pleased to announce it granted initial accreditation status to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Basic Diversion Investigator Training Program at the April 12-14, 2016 meeting in Glynco, GA.

The BDITP training is a 12-week school conducted at the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The 12-week program familiarizes trainees with the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and emphasizes the goal of preparing students to conduct effective diversion investigations.

The program consists of classroom instruction and numerous practical exercises designed to challenge a student’s newly-acquired knowledge and skills.  BDITP training is a rigorous and demanding curriculum that incorporates technological, legal, and investigative instruction. Case studies, with varying degrees of complexity, are also used through the course. Other areas covered include:  retail pharmacy, distributor, and manufacturer operations; auditing techniques; report writing; security issues; pharmaceutical and chemical control; drug scheduling; and pharmaceutical identification.

The FLETA Board is the accrediting body for all federal law enforcement training and support programs. To achieve accreditation, agencies submit to an independent review of their academy and/or program to ensure compliance with the FLETA Standards and Procedures in the areas of: Administration, Training Staff, Training Development, Training Delivery, and Distance Learning. Accreditation is a cyclical process occurring every five years. Each year, agencies must submit annual reports in preparation for reaccreditation, which is a new and independent review of the academy/program.