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OA Delivers First Online FLETA Fundamentals

For Immediate Release
FLETA Program Manager CJ Ross at his computer

The FLETA Office of Accreditation (OA) delivered the first online FLETA Fundamentals, Thursday, May 11, 2017. The OA restructured the Fundamentals so that the eight-hour classroom program could be delivered to agencies without incurring travel costs. The eight-hour FLETA Fundamentals is normally delivered in-person. To support remote delivery without incurring travel costs, the OA has divided the program into four (4) 2-hour sessions. The four sessions are instructor-led by an OA Program Manager via adobe connect. Agency personnel are able to attend the sessions live, or able to view the recorded version using a password-protected link. 

The first offering of the online FLETA Fundamentals is four sessions, one session delivered each week. The timing of sessions allow for minimal interruption of agency training operations, while also allowing for greater participation for agency personnel located nationwide. Additionally, by delivering the program in segments, the participants have time to reflect on what they learned in preparation for the next session.

Contact your FLETA Program Manager to learn more about scheduling an online FLETA Fundamentals for your agency. Click here to learn more about the FLETA Fundamentals program.