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FLETA Board Conducts Inspection

For Immediate Release
Executive Director Joe Collins welcomes the FLETA Board inspection team

Representatives from the FLETA Board and community conducted an inspection of the Office of Accreditation (OA) from August 1 - 3, 2017 in Glynco, GA. FLETA Board 2nd Vice Chair David Anderson, U.S. Marshals Service led the review. FLETA Board members Joe Jeronimo, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Robert Lachance, U.S. Department of the Interior assisted with the review. Joe Stolinski, Pentagon Force Protection Agency represented the FLETA community and served on the inspection team. The inspection team reviewed policies/directives and evidence representing eight areas:

  1. Leadership and Management
  2. Administration
  3. Asset Management
  4. Safety and Environmental
  5. Security and Emergency Management
  6. Fiscal Responsibilities
  7. Staff Development and Instructor Training
  8. Training Development

The inspection team conducted interviews with OA staff and observations to support their reviews. The team completed an inspection report that will be provided to the full FLETA Board.