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FLETA Board Grants Accreditation to USC Program

For Immediate Release
Representatives from the United States Courts hold the FLETA Accreditation Certificate

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) Board is pleased to announce it granted accreditation status to the U. S. Courts (USC), Initial Probation and Pretrial Training program (IPPT) at the November 8, 2018 meeting in Glynco, GA.

The purpose of the IPPT is to train newly appointed U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services officers to perform their duties effectively, efficiently, and as safely as possible, while upholding the integrity, values, and dignity of the federal judiciary.  Student officers receive instruction in multiple settings such as classroom, online, firearms range, gym/mat room, courtroom, interview rooms, driver training facility, and various scenario environments. The IPPT is 28 instructional days in length. Student officers who complete the program will receive 220 hours of instruction. The average number of students per iteration of the program is 24. Two IPPT programs routinely run at the same time. Each year, roughly 360 students graduate from the program.

The FLETA Board is the accrediting body for all federal law enforcement training and support programs. To achieve accreditation, agencies submit to an independent review of their academy and/or program to ensure compliance with the FLETA Standards and Procedures in the areas of Program Administration, Training Staff, Training Development, Training Delivery, and Distance Learning. Accreditation is a cyclical process occurring every five years. Each year, agencies must submit annual reports in preparation for reaccreditation, which is a new and independent review of the academy/program.