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FLETA Briefs the House Committee on Homeland Security

For Immediate Release
Joe Collins and Christiana Halsey at the offices of the House Committee on Homeland Security

FLETA Board and Community,

Today, I provided a briefing regarding the FLETA Board, process, and standards to staffers from the House Committee on Homeland Security. Program Manager Christiana Halsey assisted with the briefing.

The briefing was very positive and we explained the FLETA History, Board composition, benefits of FLETA accreditation, and walked them through the accreditation process. They had a lot of questions about the process, the Board, our assessors, and the steps in the process. Additionally, they had questions regarding the FLETA budget, assessor numbers, active applications, and they asked about which agencies were and were not accredited and the history of agency accreditation activity with FLETA.

The Senate has expressed an interest in receiving a similar briefing, and I am working with them to identify a time in the near future.

Thank you,

Joe Collins, Executive Director

Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Board (FLETA), Office of Accreditation