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FLETA Announces ATMS

For Immediate Release
Computer screens displaying the Accreditation and Training Management System

Members of the FLETA Community,

We are pleased to announce the launch and rollout schedule for the Accreditation and Training Management System (ATMS). The ATMS Portal is a web-based system where the FLETA Board and community members can:

    • view and request changes to user profiles,
    • access a community calendar of events,
    • register for assessments, Board meetings, FLETA training, and other events,
    • view and access assessment team information,
    • access and download accreditation files and materials in support of remote/blended self and FLETA assessments,
    • complete online training,
    • take tests and complete online surveys,
    • search and download model practices,
    • identify and download FLETA resource documents,
    • access historical attendance/completion of assessments, training, Board meetings, and other FLETA activities,
    • receive automated emails and reminders,
    • complete FLETA webforms and workflow taskings, and
    • review and sign webforms in support of accreditation (Authorizing Officials).

Accreditation Managers and designated accreditation support staff will also have access to an administrative site where they can:

    • view and track workflow taskings,
    • access the FLETA accreditation case file assigned to each Academy and Program application, which includes a timeline with future deadlines and requirements for reaccreditations, documented actions completed as part of the FLETA process, and the ability to view and download the final FLETA documents for that application,
    • view and track organizational employees’ participation in FLETA assessments and training.

The rollout schedule for the ATMS is as follows:

November 17 - 28, 2022

FLETA community volunteers logging in


November 29, 2022 – January 20, 2023

Portal rollout (Accreditation Managers, Authorizing Officials, Team Leaders, Assessors, other Training Organization users)

January 30 – March 10, 2023

Administrative rollout for Accreditation Managers

March 13 – April 7, 2023

Portal rollout for Authorizing Officials (reviewing and signing documents)

March 20 – April 7, 2023

Portal rollout for Board Members

The rollout of the ATMS Portal is an exciting new chapter for FLETA, as the FLETA Board continues forward in its mission to:

Enhance the quality of federal law enforcement by establishing and maintaining a body of standards to promote the effective and efficient use of resources for federal law enforcement training; administer an accreditation process based on those standards to foster consistency in federal law enforcement training; and ensure compliance and provide assistance with the accreditation process in order to instill public confidence in federal law enforcement.

Please contact your FLETA OA Program Manager should you have any questions.