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FLETA Board Business Meeting May 9-11, 2023

For Immediate Release
FLETA Board Members May 2023

FLETA Board Business Meeting May 9-11, 2023

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) Board awarded accreditation to 12 programs during the biannual business meeting from May 9-11, 2023. This was the first in-person meeting since the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, May 9, 2023, the FLETA Board met in executive session to discuss the FLETA budget, operational requirements, and future business. In addition, the Office of Accreditation presented the number of assessors and agency personnel trained, corrective action plans implemented, active applications, and the status of annual reports received.

Also on Tuesday, the Federal Law Enforcement Accreditation Coalition (FLEAC) conducted training on areas such as: writing a FLETA report, corrective action plans (CAP), and a Q&A session to discuss preparing for the FLETA Board, preparing for an assessment, and other items of interest.

On Wednesday, May 10, 2023, the Board Review Committees (BRCs) met to review five programs for initial accreditation, and seven programs for reaccreditation. In the afternoon, the FLETA Board met in executive session to discuss the BRCs, to determine accreditation.

Also on Wednesday, the FLEAC met to conduct its business meeting and hear reports from internal committees.

On Thursday, May 11, 2023, over 100 members of the FLETA community attended the FLETA Awards Ceremony. The FLETA Board awarded accreditation to the below programs:

Initial Accreditation

  • ICE HSI – Basic Instructor Course (HSIBIC)
  • FBI BAU – Criminal Investigative Analysis Training Program (CIATP)
  • TSACTC – Explosives Detection Canine Handler Course
  • USMC MPIC – Military Police Basic Course (MPBC)
  • U.S. Navy – Law Enforcement Specialist “C” School


  • FLETC – Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP)
  • FLETC – Law Enforcement Fitness Coordinator Training Program (LEFCTP)
  • TVA – Police Annual In-Service Training Program (PAISTP)
  • USAMPS – Staff and Faculty Development Course (SFDC)
  • USAMPS – Special Victims Capability Course (SVCC)
  • VA LETC – Instructor Development Course
  • VA LETC – Police Officer Standardized Training Course

The FLETA Board is the accrediting body for all federal law enforcement training and support programs. To achieve accreditation, training organizations submit to an independent review of their program and/or academy to ensure compliance with the FLETA Standards and Procedures in the areas of Administration, Training Staff, Training Development, and Training Delivery. Accreditation is a cyclical process occurring every five years. Each year, training organizations must submit annual reports in preparation for reaccreditation, which is a new and independent review of the program/academy.