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FLETA Recognizes TSA Training and Development Team

For Immediate Release
Joe Collins (left) and Sterling Payne (right) recognize TSA Training and Development

Mr. Joe Collins, the Executive Director of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA), Office of Accreditation and Ms. Sterling Payne, FLETA Board Chair and Deputy Executive Director, Training Centers Division, Transportation Security Administration presented members of TSA's Training and Development with the FLETA coin at the November 3, 2022, FLETA Board Meeting. The TSA video team produced and created the video to celebrate the FLETA Board’s 20th anniversary. In addition, the TSA Training and Development team in Glynco, GA provided technical support throughout the Board meeting to produce and broadcast the Board Review Committees and business meeting via the Webex platform.

The FLETA Board and Office of Accreditation appreciates the TSA for their invaluable support and expertise.