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Jennifer Kasper Presents Cultural Analysis to FLETA Board

For Immediate Release
Jennifer Kasper Presents Cultural Analysis to FLETA Board

FLETA Office of Accreditation (OA) Program Manager, Jennifer Kasper, presented the findings of a Cultural Analysis study to members of the FLETA Board during their May 7, 2024, meeting.

The Cultural Analysis, which delved into the intricate dynamics within the FLETA OA, was conducted by a team of Valdosta State University Doctor of Public Administration students - Terry Cherry, Jerri Sackett, Philip Wilkerson, Kelly Els, and Jennifer Kasper. Employing a multifaceted approach, the study evaluated the effectiveness of the organization and its employees through artifact reviews, interviews, and internal/external stakeholder surveys.

Through meticulous examination, the analysis provided valuable insights into the cultural fabric of the FLETA OA, shedding light on its strengths, challenges, and areas for improvement. Notably, the study highlighted the Executive Director’s unique leadership style, which champions a flat, open, and cooperative structure. The analysis suggests this one-of-a-kind customer-service oriented federal organization benefits immensely from this distinctive leadership approach.

"The findings of the Cultural Analysis study reaffirm the FLETA OA's commitment to excellence and innovation," remarked Joe Collins, FLETA OA Executive Director.  “By fostering a culture of collaboration, we can continue to enhance our operational effectiveness and better serve our stakeholders."