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Dr. Mary L. Parker

Dr. Mary Parker
University of Arkansas Little Rock

Dr. Mary Parker has been a faculty member of the University of Arkansas Little Rock since 1984 and served as the coordinator of all undergraduate programs for the School of Criminal Justice and Criminology. In addition to her administrative and teaching duties, she has also served as a member of the Board of Corrections, which oversees all adult correctional activities in the State of Arkansas.

As part of her Board responsibilities she served as the grant liaison for the Department of Correction and the Department of Community Correction, the legislative liaison for both agencies and the Board, and the chief liaison for the Department of Correction. In addition to her service on the Board, she is active in both university and community activities which support efforts on behalf of women in prison and their children, the advancement of literacy and the university community as a whole.

She is currently working on projects focusing on adult offenders and their constitutional rights, policy issues in corrections, and the value of service and mentoring in the academic community. She is an acknowledged expert on corrections in Arkansas, having authored the legislation that supports the current adult correctional configuration, and continues to be a recognized expert by all branches of government.