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Firearms Instructor Training Program (FLETC)

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers

The Firearms Instructor Training Program (FITP) prepares firearms personnel to serve as the authority in the safe conduct of their agency's firearms qualification program. The FITP covers a wide range of material essential for today's firearms instructors.  Courses in the current program cover foundation topics such as instructional techniques, basic marksmanship, on-line instruction, range organization and administration, and reactive shooting. The program also includes courses in familiarity with revolvers, shotguns, semiautomatic pistols, submachine guns and rifles, and some of the latest research and development in the field of firearms training.

The first FITP conducted at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers was in January 1979, and consisted of 24 students representing fifteen federal agencies. Since then, thousands of students have graduated from this nationally recognized program.  These students represent numerous federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

Accreditation History
Initial Accreditation