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Industry Operations Investigator Basic Training

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Initial Accreditation

The purpose of the IOIBT is to conduct on boarding and basic training for ATF Industry Operations Investigators (IOIs). The ATF IOSs are the regulatory enforcement arm of ATF. IOIs regulate the commercial manufacture, import, distribution, and receipt of firearms and explosives in the United States. This includes ensuring the suitability of persons entering into, as well as persons currently operating in the firearms and explosives industries. The IOIs also provide support for ATF Special Agent criminal enforcement operations through intelligence and evidentiary gathering during industry compliance inspections and criminal search warrants. The IOIBT is 50 instructional days and consists of 400 training hours of instruction. The average number of students per iteration of the program is 24.

Accreditation History
Initial Accreditation
Initial Accreditation