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VA Law Enforcement Training Center

Department of Veterans Affairs

The VA Law Enforcement Training Center provides high quality law enforcement training for those men and women who protect the veterans, staff, visitors, and infrastructure on Department of Veterans Affairs property, as well as that of other government agencies policing parks, military installations and other limited jurisdictions.

As the sole federal government provider of a unique law enforcement training program, we provide world-class law enforcement training for more than 2000 officers per year. Our training focuses on an approach which emphasizes cutting edge techniques to enhance the officer's ability to control disruptive or aggressive behavior; a concept which enhances the safety of the officer, subject and others. This training is suitable for health care facilities, military installations, parks, museums, and other federal special mission or limited jurisdiction settings.

We prepare new and experienced law enforcement professionals to fulfill their responsibilities in a safe manner and at the highest level of proficiency. This is assured through a systematic approach to training which integrates critical skill and knowledge areas into holistic training programs tailored to our customers' needs. We also ensure that training is provided in the most cost-effective manner by taking advantage of economies of scale available only from a consolidated law enforcement training organization.

Law enforcement's primary function is to protect people and property. VA police officers are expected to confront violence, crime, and tragedy, with skill and courage, often in the face of great personal danger. Their skill, sensitivity, and ethics largely depend on the quality of their training. The LETC provides the training, leadership and management skills to ensure the highest level of safety and security

We offer our customers a diverse selection of courses for the training and education of their workforce. As a business partner with our customers we are committed to providing strong and collaborative leadership for the law enforcement training community.

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